Monday, 24 March 2014

Monday March 24, 2014 - St. Patty's Day & MUCH More!!

This week has been a pretty Interesting week. Pretty Eventful week.

So Last Monday was St. Patrick's day, we had to be in our apartment for 6pm. So we did alot of things. First of all we updated our area books, and came up with the idea to write down member's conversions so we know more about them and it is easier to see who fits with who when we get  new investigators. After we did all our work we watched Joseph: The prophet of the Restoration, and got a bit more incite about the Prophet Joseph smith and was able to help my testimony grow.

Tuesday was a fun day, On Tuesday I was in Dundalk on exchanges with my District Leader. We served in his area and went tracting in Drogheda, we found some nice people there and had a great time. Later in the evening we were able to teach a less active lady and an investigator, and during both I was able to help both of them. My district leader gave me alot of advice, to help me, and one of the things is to ask others what I can do to improve, it is hard to do but it does help. Throughout the lesson We were able to help them both feel the spirit quite abit and one of them shed a tear I didn't notice it but my district leader pointed it out to me. That evening he made Chicken Cord en Bleu and it was delicious.

Wednesday I was on exchanges with my District Leader's companion and was able to  learn alot from him as well, He is alot different then me and I got to learn how to do things in different ways and still be just as effective. We went tracting near their flat and found alot of people that were interested and wonder how they are doing. But I'll let you know if anything came of it. We are planning on having exchanges a second time this moves which will be nice because this time I will get to work in my own area and help them know about my investigators, It'll be a nice experience. That night we had Kebabs. It is like a donair/ gyro but way sweatier. It is cool though because they are massive for approximately 6 euros. So filling, but they are either destroyed by you or you are destroyed by them. 

Thursday we had to leave early to get to the stake centre which is the ward that we are in. We had Zone Interview Training and learnt alot about goal setting and planning to be more effective as missionaries. we learnt first from the Sister Training Leaders Sister Lowry and sister Clyde, and then from our zone leaders Elder Scott and Elder Lee. I was asked to bear testimony and it was interesting because of what I bore testimony on. All last week we were having  difficulties because I am not the greatest at listening to others. and my testimony was on how important listening to our leaders was. So that meant alot to me. On thursday afternoon we were given the priviledge to give a blessing to a lovely lady in the ward. There were three of us there and for some reason she chose me to do it. I do not know why but I am so honoured that she chose me, it was my first healing blessing I have ever given and first blessing I have ever given so it was a very nice experience and showed to me more the importance of the priesthood and why we must live according to the Lord's will to use it. That day was such a nice day. 

On Friday we went out to Donabate to help a member with doors, it was quite an interesting day we got lost and it was quite funny. But we had a good day none the less. My focus in study has been focusing on learning how the holy ghost speaks to us and how to allow to listen to it.

Saturday we had lunch with our investigator and she told us how she felt about the church and hads already recieved a witness, it's crazy how prepared some people are. So that was great then we were running late and had to get a train an hour away to balbriggan but we had just missed one so had to wait forty minutes so we decided to go out and contact outside and we ran into a man from Brazil and Portugal, and then we ran into another man from Brazil we contacted several days later  and he asked if we could meet with him, the first time we met him he was in a rush and as he checked the website he had a desire to meet with us. It's incredible how white the field is to harvest out here. One thing though was we were calling to check up on one of our investigators and she had been hit by a car so after church we stopped by to visit her in her home to help her feel better.

Church was great, we continue to get to meet with lots of members which is nice because our relationships with them is building and you can see their confidence in themselves is growing. 

Well that is everything from this week, have a great week.

- Elder James Reece

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