Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Monday March 17 - Update from Dublin

As you all know today is St. Patrick's day, and being that it is Monday and P-day we were able to attend the parade here. the parade was so cool and the streets were lined with so much people definately a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

Well My past week was great. On Tuesday we got our first Investigator, it was awesome and we realized that all things happened for a reason, our investigator was late to get to the lesson but because he was later we got to meet several new potentials and set up appointments with them. We meet with him on tuesday and then meet with them on Thursday. It was an awesome experience. 

As days go on it seems to get easier and easier talking about the gospel, people aren't receptive but bringing it back to correspond with the gospel is getting easier. My goal at the moment is to find out how to talk to those with religious backgrounds, since everyone here is Catholic predominately. My studies have been going quite well. On Wednesday we went to get Garda cards and they took FOREVER. We arrived at 8am and got out around 12:30pm. Wednesday we also got to do our first real session of Weekly planning which was very nice and very great experience. My companion has such knowledge in so much and it is great learning from him.

This week has been focused largely on planning on how to work better with members and figure out efficient finding. We have been talking about it lots and devised a master plan to outline all aspects of what we do to meet these goals. We have also been figuring out the area and managing relationships. It is a really good experience.

Exchanges were on friday with the Zone leaders, I was with Elder Scott in Clonsilla ward, and we got to teach two of their investigators which was fun they have quite a few who are golden and are getting baptised shortly. It's crazy to see how many people are prepared for this gospel.

On Saturday we switched back then took a train for an hour to Balbriggan and went to pass by less actives. It was a good experience then one of the families fed us and gave us a cheesecake to take home We have only eaten about a quarter of it if that.

And yesterday was great, my first  Sunday was magnificient I got to meet a lot of people and build relationships with them. Then we had two appointments last night and they both lended up feeding us so that was fun.  

Well hope you are all doing well, Happy st. patricks day and be safe. I know for us we have to be back in our flats at 6pm, because it gets dangerous here.  

My address if any of you want to write letters is  

14 Annesley Bridge Road,
Fairview, Dublin 3
I can't recall what address to use to send packages but if you want to just send them to the mission home which is 

51 Spylaw Rd,
Edinburgh, Scotland
EH10 5BP

I would love to hear from you all.

- Elder James Reece

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  1. Hi Elder Reece!
    I'm so happy you got to experience St.Patrick's Day in Ireland. So excited to hear about your mission and excited to write you.
    Taylor K


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