Monday, 10 March 2014

First PDay of First Area! Monday March 10, 2014

Dear Everyone:

I am officially in my first Area, it is called Baldoyle area and it is in Dublin Ireland, I am told Ireland is alot more difficult then Scotland and I am hoping that, that is the case. I was assigned my first companion and he is my trainer. His name is Elder McCarthy and he is from Colorado. He is really awesome I am learning quite abit about the work from him and he is going home in 2 transfers. This work is difficult, It really is it is a lot of hard work. The Lord has called all of us to this work and I am so greatful that I was assigned in this area I know it will teach me alot of crucial skills and I know that there are people that are prepared to hear the message from me. It is difficult getting used to the area for sure, My companion and I were selected to white wash the area. and as we do so we are focusing mainly on working with the members and seeing how well that goes. I just feel like we aren't getting that much done. We currently don't have any teaching pool, we have attempted to call and contact several people but no success really. 

On other notes the area is very different, very pretty and it doesn't fall below 0, in the past week on Tuesday at the MTC we did in field training all day which was alot of help. On wednesday we woke up at 4:45 and left the MTC at 6am to head to the mission home in Scotland. The journey was long but nice. When we arrived we met all the missionaries and the president. It was really nice to meet him and to be able to talk with him. after that we climbed Pratt's hill and were told why us latter day saints call it Pratt's hill and heard of the story, then we were given time to talk with the lord and set expectations of our own with him there. Afterwards we returned back and heard some housekeeping tips and recieved the things we needed to be safe on the mission and then had supper. After that we found out our companions. My first companion is Elder McCarthy as illustrated above, and I got told I was going to Dublin Ireland mission. The travel here was long it wasalmost a whole afternoon. We left the mission home at 6:45am and landed in Dublin at half 5.Then the Mc Kendricks picked us up and allowed us to get groceries and showed us around the area.

We have met a few memebers of the ward but we have some of them. We have two appointments this evening, two lessons tomorrow, a dinner appointment and district meeting. 

Well I love you, Continue the work you are doing

Good Luck

- Elder James Reece

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