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Monday Oct 26, 2015

If you are pure, you are Guided

As You see in the Title, we were guided this week it was neat, We were trying by some of our potentials and We were going through this area looking for a specific address number and we pulled into this driveway and were trying to see the number, and our friend Damian came out and invited us in, so we had been trying to get in contact with him and it was nice to see him. 

This week was neat we FOUND ALOT of people. 
I was on exchanges with Elder Barton on Thursday and we found 11 new people this week to follow up with and see when we can go and see them. It was so neat. We ran into 2 people we met in the past, So we were able to get a phone number for Martin and Claire, and give Claire a Book Of Mormon. 
We were walking down the road as well and we met this guy named Hans, he was German. He was saying how there aren't many people like us in Germany, so he wanted to know more, and he was asking many questions then he said, " I think I have made myself interested I will come to your church on Sunday." It was so neat. We also were able to have a neat experience with our friend Christopher. He is homeless and he says he doesn't believe in God, and asked a question and usually I respond right away but I felt to invite him to meet in a time where we can prepare the environment to make it condusive to the Spirit he agreed and we said we would see him again.  So even when you have the answer, it doesn't benefit the other person unless the Spirit TESTIFIES of the truth. How cool is that. 

We just went out and talked to everyone this day and it was so cool, we contacted over 100 people in 8 hours. It was so neat. 

We taught Peter This week, he has alot of questions and is having difficulty believing that Joseph Smith is a profit, but he keeps telling us he likes what the church teaches , he likes the light we have and he wants it. He CAME to church this week, and he said he truly wants this in his life, He felt the spirit and committed to all 3 hours next week. !!!!!!!! The Lord wants to bless us and as we are sanctified his spirit can guide us. I came across something interesting in my studies this week. 
The sons of Mosiah went forth to preach the gospel to the Lamanites and when they went, they went with a desire that they would PERHAPS have the ability to bring some of their brethren to come unto Christ. I have pondered this alot, as the Lord has told us that each of us have Agency so even if people have been called to serve and to be apart of the church, they must allow themselves to be chosen. 

I was given the priviledge to give a talk on the 13th Article of Faith yesterday and it went really well I would say. 
The three focuses were 1. Honesty in all things, 
2. Modesty in all aspects, and 3. Pure CONVERSATION. 
In doctrine and Covenants it teaches us that " Let no corrupt communication proceed out of thy mouth, only that which is edifies, that it may bring grace unto the hearers." This has been a thing I have been pondering on for a while as SARCASM in the world has become very prevalent. I found out that sarcasm in its root means " Tear flesh like wolves" crazy ehh. I know I am working hard to be able to sanctify my thoughts, words, and actions and it is difficult but as we take our cross daily we will be an example of the believers as the Lord and his prophet have instructed us to be. 
We are to be the light on the hill, Shine that people may glorify GOD. 

I Love this church, One of the reasons is because we are constantly striving to improve. and If we are doing things against that which the Lord has commanded he lets us know and chastens us to be able to have the opportunity to reach the potential he has for us. 

I know that this church is true, and as we are the Light of the World we will feel better about these things, one reason being Light brings warmth. :) I love this Gospel and I know I am where the Lord needs me to be right now and doing what he needs me to be. :) 

I love all of you, have a great week. 
Till the work is done. 

Elder James Tom Kirk Reece    Currently Serving In Mullingar Branch, Dublin Stake, Irelandhttps://www.mormon.org/me/9D93/JamesTomKirkReece
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