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Monday June 2, 2014 - Heavy studying, learning about life and helping investigators

So As usual I will begin my week saying how amazing it was :) My week was awesome, I got along well with my companion there are still some shaky parts but we understand each other and accept one another, plus I have been getting alot better at Accepting Correction which causes less conflict especially because I ask for correction. So Yeah.

So this week was a very strong Spiritual high for me. The spirit was in all my studies and I got interesting knowledge. At the moment in my personal study I am disecting one chapter in the Book of Mormon, one chapter in the New Testament, A part in Preach my Gospel and sometimes even indulging in a question and finding answers. I have also spent alot of time  reading from this past conferences Ensign and reviewing some of my notes to see what I need to do to act on my promptings recieved at earlier dates. One thing I have learnt is that reviewing your notes is amazing. You are able to gain different insights from your notes and understand what the Lord needs from you and also to recap on goals from previous times in your life and analyze if you have been able to meet those promptings and act on them and reflect on what came of them. So this week I found some interesting insights while studying 2Nephi 29- Jacob 2 in the Book of Mormon. Some of my insights include: Many will say that there can only be one bible however, that it's the true bible only if it comes from the mouth of the Jews. Just because God and Jesus Christ have spoken one word(Bible) it doesn't mean that they can't speak again (Book of Mormon). We are all commanded to record our spiritual revelations and experiences and to keep two sets of records just like Nephi, one for spiritual and one for an account of our lives.The Gospel will be preached among all and they will accept it. If we truly understood the Atonement we wouldn't hurt anyone, so we won't recive more of the knowledge until this time and that is when the things that are sealed will be revealed unto us. The reason we recieve different messages when we each read the scriptures is because the Lord speaks to us based on our knowledge so as our knowledge and wisdom grow we will understand more in the scriptures.We MUST ask for the meaning of all things that we read. Before doing anything in his name or that is about the Lord we pray unto him to consecrate it so we can recieve what he needs us to know. No man will be angry with this message unless he be under the influence  of the Devil. As saints of Christ we are here to spend our days labouring for the welfare of the souls of all those around us. We must be diligent in all things.

Then I studied a few talks from general conference and I really liked them, I studied the talk by Elder Bednar some more and recieve conforimation of the message that in life we need HEAVY loads at times to gain spiritual traction and without that heavy load we can't progress, and I have thought alot about my own life and some of the difficulties I have seen and some of the lessons I have learnt from and definately been able to see how that is true. The Lord calls us in our weakness and qualifies us for his work. One Amazing thing I have been gaining a testimony on is the fact that we are all chosen from God. In Doctrine and Covenants 121 it says "Many are called, but few are chosen" As members of the ~Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day Saints, we have been chosen to bring forth souls unto him and it is only through the distinct abilities of each of us that this work progresses. We Have all been chosen, to be witnesses of Christ until we die, and that means we must stand UP, we must Stand up for what is right and what our beliefs are. Too long has his word been trodden down, we have been chosen to make the world know that ~Jesus is the Christ, that he atoned for our sins and that through him and ONLY him we can be saved in the Kingdom of God. It is so amazing for me to be able to share this world to all the inhabitants that read this e-mail but also all those who are within my voice. I KNOW THAT JESUS IS THE CHRIST, I KNOW THAT THOMAS S. MONSON IS THE PROPHET WHO WAS CALLED OF GOD.  I know these things with all the energy of my heart. And If we know and have testimonies of these things we must share them.

I also studied in the New Testament the beginning of matthew and gained some insights as well which may help some of you maybe:
 I was able to get a confirming witness that because God clothed the grass and fed the animals in the air that he would clothe us as well, because he did all this the Lord will ALWAYS provide for our NEEDS, but he knows our needs way better then we do and we must trust in him. The Lord promises that he will do for us what we do for others. ~We can't expect forgiveness if we aren't willing to forgive. I really liked the story about the Mote in your brothers eye and not understanding the beam in your own eye and ~I learnt that before we try to tell others to change or to correct something we must first be doing it otherwise we are hypocrites.
We must do more then Hear his word but we must do his word and only then can we be saved in the Kingdom of God.

I studied enduring this week as well and came across Mosiah 24 around. The story of the people of Alma being imprisoned by Amulon the wicked priest of King Noah's and they prayed in their hearts because if they prayed out loud they would've been killed but in the story it talks about the Lord strengthening us to bear our burdens so that we don't feel them on our backs and as we endure and call upon the Lord for his help he will strengthen YOU and as he strengthens you and as you trust in him you won't feel your burdens they are still there but you won't feel them.

So now onto my week before I run out of time this week was great. I had alot of fun

On Monday we went to an old Abbey with part of our zone and had a blast, it started pouring and we were running around and all got drenched. At this Abbey it was from around 1100 AD so it was really cool to see and see it be preserved. I had a photo frenzy it was fun.

On Tuesday we had district meeting and I talked to Elder Peery, we had a great conversation and had a great session. I had an exchange with Elder Bailey, which was nice because he is out one transfer less then me so we got to play off each other's strengths and learn to work well together, and it's nice to not always be with someone who has 19  months more experience more then me. It allows me to feel better and to actually get to try and find out what my teaching style is to help people come unto Christ so it was nice. We had a great night and had a great time.

On Wednesday we exchanged back and had a good day, we were able to visit some people and invite others to come back to church and I really am starting to see the importance of bringing people back, because if we don't take care of those the Lord has blessed us with why would he bless us with more?

On Thursday- Was a great day. we were able to learn more about Eoin's religious beliefs and understand where he stands. ( He is one of the volunteers at the community garden) and then later on we had a great Fireside with Sister Reeves( General Relief Society Presidency), Sister Wixom( General Primary President) and Elder Kearon from the first quorum of the Seventy. It was an amazing experience to feel the spirit they brought into the room and they just glow so much and smile always it is incredible.They spoke about letting our LIGHT shine forth and BE EXAMPLES to those who are within our reach.

On Friday we had a great day as well our lessons all happened, unfortunately our english class didn't have any turn ups but there is still hope.

Saturday was amazing we talked to our investigator and she is amazing, she is awesome. She calls me her teacher and thanks us for teaching her the way and learning how to grow closer unto Christ, I am so blessed to have met her and to feel the spirit she possesses is incredible.

Sunday was amazing, Yesterday in our testimony meeting one of the young men, he is awesome he has Autism but was the only ACTIVE member of his family, was cleared to be able to recieve the Priesthood next week and he came up to me in Priesthood and asked me if I would be part of his circle. I guess I made an impact on his life, but he is absolutely amazing, and very kind and loving to all. I am so honoured to be asked to be apart of it for him and that I was able to bear my testimony and hear the testimonies of all. It was interesting there seemed to be a very strong theme in the testimonies about Scriptures and the power they have and I too have recieved a witness as to the power and divinity of the scriptures and reading them everyday, it WAS Amazing.

I miss all of you and since this week is Zone Development I will tell you about it next week. So for the schedule tomorrow which will be our P-day kind of. Is we are playing Capture the Flag with real flags from the union and confederation with flag poles and everything as well as playing a multitude of games and having a talent show. So this should be interesting

Well I love you all and love to hear from you all, and I am still waiting for your addresses so I can send home postcards but I love you all and TRUST in the Lord in all that you do and you will find success

Have a great week. :)
I will send some photos here as well.

- Elder James Reece

I love how you can see his reflection in his name tag!

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