Monday, 10 February 2014

Missionary Preparation and final plans

Hello everyone:

Sorry for the lateness of this blog in preparation for my mission however, through these past months I have  done so much. To all those missionaries who wait for their Visas to begin them, Do not procrastinate. I received mine fast but 300$ later so my advice is that you don't procrastinate on things as well as I was figuring out what to do for my student loans while I am away, and my mother helped me figure it out, I know I was wondering what I would do for it, but the answer to that is interest only. My mom came across it, when she was looking into it for me, so this process is very helpful, so while you are serving a mission if you have student loans to pay off there are ways to postpone it, for me I am paying off the interest which is a reasonable amount of money and not absurd. One other tip do not be lazy, get done the things you need to get done. I will be leaving on my mission in 9 days, I can't believe this time just flew by, that's one more thing I want to touch on is the fact that you may have 100+ days before reporting but it'll be here before you know it, so don't get lazy because before you know it you will need so many things. I report to the England Missionary Training Center on February 20th and I can not wait. As part of my preparation right now I am doing personal study of the New testament but it strengthens me and my testimony, My studies are a lot longer then we normally get so I am trying to get as much done, while using the manuals. If any of you were wondering how an effective way of studying is, it's through the guides along with your scriptures. At the moment my studies are based around Preach my Gospel, and for me I have sticky notes all over my new set of scriptures  and they help me learn and remember the missionary lessons and each colour corresponds with the colour headings within, as I have been growing closer to our Lord and savior Jesus through prayer and scripture studies I have seen a real difference.

So last night I was given the priviledge to eat Scottish food with a wonderful family in my stake who are Scottish and the food was magnificient. as well as Thursday I was able to attend zone conference it was so uplifting and wonderful if you have the opportunity to attend zone conference before your mission, you should totally do it, there is nothing more powerful then a room full of missionaries singing a hymn and sharing their points of view. Your mission president is called and ordained of God to watch over and lead your mission there is a reason for that and you can learn so much from them. This past Sunday i gave a talk in my home ward, as my farewell talk and the topic was on Charity and the love for or savior and I was able to learn alot from preparing this talk, I have one in YSA as well this coming Sunday plus, I have my openhouse this Sunday as well and love you guys

Remember this is the Lords work, we are servants in the vineyard and we must labour with all our might to sow the rewards. He is the shepheard he watches us and watches over us and if we falter he forgives us.

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