Thursday, 27 February 2014

FIRST DAY: February 20, 2014

Hey guys:

I was given time earlier to write but we are free until 4pm where we will be receiving our companions and begin our lessons. Everything is going great, I love my District they are so awesome. This MTC is really small, and there aren't too to many people at it, but the people are amazing. Half of the people I have met so far are serving in Scotland/ Ireland Mission, and the other half are Birmingham. Except two sisters who are going German speaking. So we began with being told how to do things, then we had meetings with our MTC president , talked to his wife, met with health as well as got our photos taken. We have P Days on Wednesdays, and on Wednesday we get to go to the Temple it is so beautiful. I would send photos but they are all on my camera. Well I'll let you know once the work begins.

Love you guys
- Elder James Reece

PS: Below are pictures of me leaving the Ottawa Airport, on my way to the England MTC:

Ottawa airport on the way to the England MTC!


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