Thursday, 27 February 2014

END OF WEEK ONE - February 26, 2014

Hey Everyone

I don't have too much time at the moment to write this email, but wanted to tell you abit about what I have gotten to do so far.

As you all know, I am at the England Missionary Training Centre, and it is very uplifting, our MTC president has a wealth of knowledge and has expressed to us the Love the Lord has for all of us. The food here is awesome and the people are so friendly and awesome accents.

 The stuff I have learnt is incredible and learnt many ways to study more effectively and help me with using Preach my Gospel in a more effective way, this first week alot of people were missing home and we are all supporting one another.

 I will send more stuff in abit, my time is just running down on this specific session because I have to go get my haircut.

 I love all of you guys, and want you all to know how much the Lord loves and needs all of you in this great work.

 The adversary is strengthening his efforts to pull our interests and change our obedience but we can not let him, and through the power of God we can resist and be stronger then him and he knows our strength and he is frightened, STAND UP
Love you all

- Elder James Reece

Yeah So the MTC experience is really great on SUNDAY we had meetings all day and I loved it so much, We heard an MTC Devotional about President Bednar tellling us to keep pressing forward, which was really inspiring. Today we have another Devotional this evening and then studies since it is P- Days, So I was told my P-day during my mission will most likely be on Mondays when I am in the field, but I don't know yet. I will disclose more information when I get it.

I want to thank all of you for the love you have shown me and the magnificient testimonies you all have. You have all taught me something that has helped me grow and become the man I am am today and I truly know that this gospel is the Lord's gospel, I K now that he loves us and that we are his children.

 The plane ride here was fun, it was really cool to experience that, to look down and see nothing the whole way :P my sleep pattern toook a little getting used too, I am in my room and ready for bed at 10/1030 everynight, but just can't sleep yet :p, I promise I will take lots of pictures.

 I love and cherish you all .

- Elder James Reece


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