Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Monday Nov 7, 2015

So this week was another interesting week, Of course it was a roller coaster of a ride this week. 
So  we had the chance to teach David and the Girls a few times this week and it was really good. They love the gospel and love the friendship of so many people in the gospel and the girls retain so much information. We talked about the baptism being this Saturday and they said they were excited, however this Morning we got a call from our bishop telling us about a conversation that was had with David and he told us that david had said to one of the members that he didn't know if the church was true and such. So we honestly don't know what to do. Because in our exchanges he says that he believes in the Restoration and says that he wanted to move up his date for baptism because he felt it was too far away. So honestly we have no clue whats going to happen this week.

The Weather has been fairly terrible this week in so much that Buses and Trains were CANCELLED for 2 of the days, only certain routes but still, and there was mild flooding down the roads. But on the plus side it was quite decent here. But in other places in the mission they had flash floods. So it's been an interesting week.

To be honest as well as it has been a hard week for Me, It has been alot of work going out and haven't seen much in results of people. It seems the harder we work the harder the adversary works as well. I do know that the Lord has much more power then the adversary and no matter what happens we need to continue to Work and to do it Diligently and obediently and the blessings will come. The mission has a great goal of 40 baptisms this month and there are so many people that are prepared we just need to trust in the Lord and continue to Press forward and we will find them. The lord wants all his brothers and sisters to be Saved, and that is where our job as missionaries comes in.
The work and glory of God is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man and no matter the hardships we ALL need to keep this in mind as we all have a part to play in it.  Sorry my e-mails haven't been very long recently, its been challenging with the weather and having to chap lots and contention in the companionship and stress levels flying all over the place but I know that The lord will sustain me in his work, 
I Love this Gospel. I know that it is the only way to happiness and Love in this world, and I know it's all about the attitude in which you work in. 
I love Trials, they are the Hardest thing in the world but they give so much back. 

I love all of you

Till the work is done

Elder James Tom Kirk Reece    Currently Serving in Dumbarton, Scotlandhttps://www.mormon.org/me/9D93/JamesTomKirkReece
Scotland/Ireland Mission 
51 Spylaw Road
EH10 5BP


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Elder James Thomas Kirk Reece
Scotland/Ireland Mission
51 Spylaw Road
Scotland EH10 5BP
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