Monday, 11 August 2014

Monday August 11, 2014 - Scone Palace visit, teaching investigators, fasting for missionary work and family history

So first off, we have recieved moves calls, and I am happy to say that my companion and I are staying together for another transfer. Our district is only having one change so that is interesting,  however, a funny thing is that every companionship except us in our district is training, There is one elder and two sisters that are being trained in our district, so it's pretty cool.

So this week in my studies we have all been studying Preach My Gospel in depth, and I was studying chapter 3 which is all the lessons. My companion and I at the moment, are going throug,h looking for the specific doctrines of the lessons to understand them and marking the scriptures, so that is really exciting. I am also trying to write down some questions I have about certain topics and then try to solve them so it is interesting.
This week has been interesting, I have been reading abit of the Book Of Mormon, but focused most of my studies on Preach My gospel, I am currently in Mosiah 7 and it's interesting the things I am picking up on in the versus now. Just interesting facts I find.
Well That is all for studies however this week was interesting.
So this week we have had some ups and some downs. Lately we have been having difficulties meeting with some of our investigators, so we have been doing alot of finding, and this is the most tracting I have done on my whole mission so it is interesting. It is definately a challenge for us right now to find new people to teach and Contact less actives, but I can feel the Lord has something big in store. We have a branch Fast on the 23 and 24th of this month for missionary work So we will see what results, but The members and people are getting more involved so that is amazing.
So On Monday we went to Scone palace, which is the coronation site of Scottish Kings and it was really cool, we learnt a bit and got to play with swords shields, and muskets( I think they are called) They were in the gift shop, we had a blast,
On Tuesday We had our last district meeting for the transfer and we all thought we were staying and as mentioned earlier we all stayed except one. Later on we had some less active lessons which is nice, we have seen some people with some struggles and it is nice when they have us over and as we see potential. It is absolutely amazing
Wednesday we had a very good lesson with our investigator aimee, There was a strong spirit there and it was evident in the room for sure. Oh and we did Family history and we now have access to My heritage, family search, and Find my past, so it is very exciting to see. I am starting to have abit of success.
Thursday was a good day we found a lady by following the promptings of the spirit so that was good, we had 20 minutes left because 9 and pondered on where to go and we were brought to this street and this one house stood out to me and then as we went to knock it a car pulled in and we went to that house and found some people interested.
Friday was a good day we had the priviledge to teach a new investigator named Willie and had a member with us the lesson went very good, the member we had had a solid and strong testimony so it was very amazing. He definately felt the spirit strong and we all had good laughs there as well. He was trying to hook me up with his daughter it was kind of funny, but I know he was just being cheeky so everything is okay. :P
Saturday Was a full day of tractin and gqing and contacting people it was long but had some success found some good potentials and will go back in a week to visit them. I was also able to write some letters home as well in my lunch break so that was nice.
Sunday I gave a talk which was good, it was on how we are to be the light in this dark world, and was influenced by the temple when I was at the MTC seeing it at night all lit up with darkness all around.

Well that was my week love you all
This week we are going to St. Andrews for P-day so that will be fun with some members. Love You
Live Long and Prosper
Kirk Out :) 
Elder Reece Out

- Elder James Reece

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