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May 19, 2014 - Transfer calls, funny story, chalk drawings and MORE!

So first things First: I recieved Transfer calls this morning and I am staying in DUBLIN.:)
MY new companion is from Switzerland and is currently serving in the Shetland Islands. So I will be serving with the other Finglas elders until about Friday. My new companion is named  Elder Cziesla. More news will come as I come to find it. Elder McCarthy left this morning which was a sad time but I am now with Finglas. I am definately going to miss him, and for any of you who ever serve missions or are serving Learn all you can from your trainer, they are your best friend and even though they need to correct you in all things, allow that correction to shape and mold you.

So this week my study was on Contention and Pride. Since I finished all the things under the Topical guide on Humility, I decided to do the same for Pride. I wanted to know what it is why it is prevalent, how it works and why that is Satan's strongest weapon against the Kingdom of God. As illustrated in 1Nephi 8-11, Pride is the large and spacious building and pride causes us all to laugh and point scornfully at those partaking of the fruit of the tree of Life that is illustrated in the vision. We must be protected from this Pride. Pride causes us to be led helplessly by the hand and then be binded by flaxxen  Chords. It causes us to put ourselves above others. But the savior ALWAYS put others above himself. He was Selfless  not Selfish, He had LOVE not pride. Throughout my study I noticed a key thing appearing, which talked about how LOVE is the antidote to pride. One of the main ways that pride affects us is through causing contention among us. Because where there is contention the spirit of the Lord cannot dwell. And I have definately seen that in affect as soon as contention comes in You feel hurt, attaked and vulnerable but when things are handled with LOVE than as illustrated in D&C121:43 aReproving betimes with bsharpness, when cmoved upon bythe Holy Ghost; and then showing forth afterwards an increase ofdlove toward him whom thou hast reproved, lest he esteem thee tobe his enemy;
 44 That he may know that thy faithfulness is stronger than the cords of adeath.

That Scripture was very powerful for me, it just shows that correction is great and even necessary but can only be given under the direction of the Holy Ghost or contention will arise. As we hearken unto the Holy Ghost we may know all things and recieve treasures even hidden treasures.  During my study of Pride as well I found that the main cause of CONTENTION or PRIDE is caused by Enmity. Which consists of ENVY/ JEALOUSY. Enmity is a hatred toward someone or hatred for something, I found that through " Beware of PRIDE" (Talk) that most of us are sinning in ignorance I advise all of us to study and understand the different shapes and ways that PRIDE is a factor in our lives. Pride is destructive and one of my favourite things that I came across a little while ago is: That our minds are a stage if there aren't good thoughts focused on God, like a hymn or memorized scripture then our mind will be full of darkness. Brethren and sisters I urge you to memorize scriptures and sing hymns to protect yourselves from these dangers. As I was studying also in James 4:7 Submit youselves from God, Resist the Devil, and he will flee from you. I understand that is easier said than done but if we strive together each and every day we will be able to be filled with light and therefore, no darkness may enter in. I just want to finish with one Verse from Doctrine and Covenants 121. Many are called but few are chosen, at this time in our lives we have been chosen to build the Kingdom of God and we can only do so together. United we are one, That is how it has to be.

This past week was a good week, we did alot of teaching.

On Monday was my birthday we went to a buffet is was awesome, later we were able to go on splits and one group go to FHE and the other go to two lessons which was fun. Funny story but also sad story." Me and elder Martin accidentally stole a little girls birthday song, It was confusing and  I felt so bad but my companion had gone to the bathroom and as he got to the table the Happy birthday song came on and on the other side of the restaurant that we couldn't see, was an 8 year old standing up and then this loud missionary is pointing at us and being like it's these two and was getting us to stand us up but my companion didn't get the song playing so we found out afterwards. I felt so bad. But it was kind of funny looking back on it.

On Tuesday we had district meeting and exchange with Zone Leaders, I had a cool experience I felt like there was someone on the street prepared but couldn't tell who it was we said a prayer and 7-9 steps away from the prayer spot, we contacted someone who was interested in learning. It was amazing. will be following up on them this week. We were also contacting and a funny thing happened as I greeted the man, I inhaled a bug and was choking on it while trying to talk with him my companion was doubled over in laughter it was hilarious.
On Wednesday we began to do family history so the information I have I put it in but starting this Wednesday at the Family History centre I will begin looking for everyone. I am excited to learn about my family.

On Friday I was on Exchange with Finglas, we had a good day we were walking to a potential contacting area and all of a sudden a member's name popped into our heads so we went there but they weren't home but around them we were able to contact several nice people.It was a great experience, we then were able to watch Joseph Smith the Prophet of the Restoration and Finglas investigator felt the spirit strong at it which was amazing to hear.

On Saturday we did another chalking for Salvation, it was funny because the GARDA showed up and we started teaching them. It was a great experience for the YSA and they were involved in talking to the people and passing out pamphlets. The WORK is coming along, it is progressing and will go forth with or without our help. I recommend you all hop on board and we all do our parts to help this work progress. Brothers and sister and family, CATCH THE SPIRITUAL WAVE that is sweeping through  this time.

On Sunday, a member made us icecream cheesecake for our birthday which was nice and three awesome things happened. First, we were at church and I was in the Kitchen and ran into our investigator who hasn't been to church in a while it was great to see her there,  2nd we were going for dinner and our investigator we couldn't get a hold of was there, so we were able to have a dinner appointment in a member's home with him, and 3rd an investigator we met who was solid who dropped us just agreed to start meeting again and she still wants to be baptised.

One thing I have learnt is that we should always recount our day in our prayers to be aware of how much  the hand of the Lord is in our day to day lives.

Have a great week and enjoy.

Have your foundation and Anchor on Jesus Christ and your faith won't fail you in the last days.

I love you all and remember "you are a children of a noble birthright"- Elder Uchtdorf.

I love you all, you are all examples to me and keep up the good work.

- Elder James Reece

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